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Thumbs up heated grips and lowering links

so about a week ago, i installed a pair of oxford heated grips on my 2018 V1000. not bad at all. biggest issues were 1) determining the best way to route the wires forward from the battery; 2) determining the best place to mount the controller.
all said and done, the controller turns itself off, making the connections as simple as can be. i mounted the controller on the left mirror handlebar mounting bolt. tucked all the excess wiring between the forks with tie wraps. where else did others mount the controller?

soupy's lowering links also now installed. i have to reattach some small mostly cosmetic pieces to finish the job up. but i noticed a couple of things i thought i'd run by the group here...

1) soupy's instructions said to not adjust the link before putting it on, so i didnt. but.....it was about 1/2" longer than stock, lowering the bike i think about 1/2" at the seat. any idea why they would come longer right off the bat?
2) soupy's said to use red loctite when reattaching removed bolts. according to the loctite site, 'red' requires heat for removal. some pieces are plastic and some i worry about paint damage from heat. any thoughts?

overall, a success with both. the links dont much affect the lean angle when on the side stand, a major concern. yet the center stand is definitely just a bit harder to roll/lift the bike onto.

now on to the front fork corresponding adjustment. any thoughts about the easiest, best way to adjust these to match the lowered rear end?

...... jim

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