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Are all US Gen3's California models?

Greetings all,

I recently had the tank off of my 2015 650 that has about 5k miles to change the air filter and add some wiring.
I was following the service manual and per this page it would appear my bike is a California model?

It has the black box on the side like the lower picture.
I bought it new (leftover) in the spring of 2016 in Washington state which I think has similar emission standards.

Anyway, I figured I'd ask if any of your US models look like the top picture?

One more thing that concerned me a little is when I put the top of the air box back on it didn't seem like it wanted to snug down into the seal all the way around until the tightened the bolts quite a bit. It seemed like it was slightly teetering on a high spot or something. Once all 8 of the bolts were snug it seemed fine. Has anyone noticed anything like that? The replacement air filter element I put in is a HiFlo HFA2610 that also was not a prefect fit. It sat down in it's spot fine but the bolt hole to secure it to the airbox was not aligned perfectly and I had to oval out the whole with a drill.


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