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I'm appreciating all the input. Right now, I would like to look at and sit on the 2019 but the four closest dealers neither have one nor have one on order so I need to travel a bit. If I go through with this, it will be the 2019 as I think I will enjoy all the electronics. I intend to lower it and add front and rear crash bars. I haven't seen anyone who clearly states that their brand protects everything like the Wing. Someone seemed to indicate that a lower seat was an option but the Kawasaki site doesn't indicate that. Being a lightweight, it seems that the stock seat could be modified fairly easily to get perhaps an inch lower out of it without any detriment to the comfort. I will contact Astech seats in Indiana to see what they say. I am going to have them modify the Wing seat just in case I keep it. (It just needs some softening not lowering) With a seat mod, Soup's link and sliding the forks down, it seems like 2" is quite doable. I will probably have to see how the windshield works on my first trip and live with whatever it gives me. I intend to buy a new helmet soon no matter the bike. Hopefully it will be quieter than the one I have.
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