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Of course I will rethink as I get more input from people like yourself but it would seem that getting a 300 lb. lighter bike is a prudent move. I won't buy one without at least sitting on it and I need to make sure that there is tipover protection before it leaves the dealer. I know if I go to the Versys, it will be the 2019. There are a ton of bikes that I could ride around locally but touring wants to be a pleasure, not an endurance. Cruise control is a basic necessity. It seems that it is possible to lower the bike about 1.5 inches by using Soupy's link and adjusting the forks. Another inch could easily come out of the seat. I don't know who's crash guards really protect but front and rear are a necessity because as i age I know that a drifting mind is in the cards when I am sitting still. I am extremely good at being alert when I am moving but I know the bike will drop at some time. what I never see is a ride off center stand. That is a really great feature on the Wing as well as the various wind wings. Thanks again.
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