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WOW from a wing to a versys... that's a far stretch! I'll offer what I can. I don't have a wing, I have a bmw k1200lt. I have had a couple older voyagers. I currently also own a kawasaki concours 14, and a versys 1000. I just sold my versys 650 a few months ago.

So it depends on what you want, both 650 and 1000 versys' are tall, I'm the same height as you. I had to lower the 650 with a hyperpro shock spring and sliding the forks up. On the 1000 I have a corbin seat and it makes my seat height / reach to ground about the same as my modified 650. the 650 wins in the light and agile dept. It has enough power. The 1000 has about 3.5-4" longer wheelbase, so it's not as nimble and it's heavier than the 650, but balanced very well. it is very easy to ride slow. It has plenty of giddyup. It would be perfectly able to tour all day, whereas for me I would be more fatigued on the 650.

The chain sucks after having shaft drive. Unless you want to change gearing, then the chain is cool. the versys 1000 is a great candidate for more relaxed gearing too, it can be really wheelie prone with stock gearing,

Weather protection... nothing like your wing. if you are riding in the cold, rethink it. If you ride in the heat like me, I am really enjoying the air I get on the versys, either 650 or 1000.

I'm also very familiar with the concours and fjr's. I don't find either top heavy, and they lose their weight once moving, but yeah, you're still looking at 700# MOL, and the don't like to be dropped at all, so various tipover protection is a must.

I'm sure there's more, but that comes to mind pretty quickly. Hope it helps.
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