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Originally Posted by Sailor Bill View Post
I'm with you. I am 81 and keep thinking another 5 years. I also will buy a Camaro or Mustang when two wheels becomes impossible. I usually take a trip in early June and for at least a month in advance, I push myself to take the stairs two at a time without cheating by pushing on my knees or using the handrail. Before I encountered a heart rhythm issue, I also would walk approximately two miles with at least a couple hundred yards running. I am now lobbying the doctor to do an ablation. I understand the nagging issues but we have to be our own advocates and do all we can to overcome them.

I do want to thank the other two of you for your input. I actually wanted to buy an FJR a few years ago but after visiting their forum, several people spoke of the bike being top heavy.

I also know that I want more than two cylinders and a bike that has a lot of dealers throughout the country.

If I end up with a Versys I will have the seat cushion reworked to be softer and at the same time a little lower. I am 5' 9 1/2 inches tall and 163 pounds if that puts things in some perspective. As I get older, the Wing seat has also gotten harder. Go figure!
on your search for a G-wing replacement.
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