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Originally Posted by Sailor Bill View Post
I'm with you. I am 81 and keep thinking another 5 years. I also will buy a Camaro or Mustang when two wheels becomes impossible. I usually take a trip in early June and for at least a month in advance, I push myself to take the stairs two at a time without cheating by pushing on my knees or using the handrail. Before I encountered a heart rhythm issue, I also would walk approximately two miles with at least a couple hundred yards running. I am now lobbying the doctor to do an ablation. I understand the nagging issues but we have to be our own advocates and do all we can to overcome them.

I do want to thank the other two of you for your input. I actually wanted to buy an FJR a few years ago but after visiting their forum, several people spoke of the bike being top heavy.

I also know that I want more than two cylinders and a bike that has a lot of dealers throughout the country.

If I end up with a Versys I will have the seat cushion reworked to be softer and at the same time a little lower. I am 5' 9 1/2 inches tall and 163 pounds if that puts things in some perspective. As I get older, the Wing seat has also gotten harder. Go figure!
I actually went with the 650LT and really enjoy the bike for the type of riding I do. For long trips, I would certainly prefer the 1000LT. Even though I can flat foot the bike as I'm 6'0", I installed the Moto Werk lowering kit which lowers the bike 1.5" and it make a huge difference in the center of gravity and removes most of the top heavy feel. They also make the kit for the 1000. There is another lowering link for the 1000 that will even lower as much as 3".
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