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Goldwing to Versys 1000

As a new member I don't want to wear out my welcome but I have a ton of questions to ask before I abandon my Goldwing for a Versys. I recognize that I have to give up a shaft drive and I see that the 2019 is $5000 or more above the price of a new 2018. My questions sort of revolve around what I have to give up if I buy a 2019 and what can be done with a 2018 to come close enough. My main reason for entertaining a new bike is that I am getting old and want to keep riding including touring but the Wing is really heavy. The things that I like on the Wing are the amount of storage, self cancelling turn signals, a lot of protection (I have a V Stream windshield and Baker air wings) cruise control (absolutely needed) ride off center stand, smoothness, reliability, relatively long tire life (when I bought the bike it had 17K and I put tires on it once with a lot of miles left at 43K) The electronic suspension and cornering lights are not that important to me on the 2019 but some engine controls that keep me out of trouble seem great. I also can drop the Wing with no discernable damage. Sorry for the long post but maybe that could eliminate a few. Thanks for any guidance.
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