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1) Bypass the temp controller and plug each glove directly into bike. If they both work this way it is with your Y connector. Next determine the connector on the Y that is not working.

2) If it is a connector issue very carefully split the inner connector inside the female connector with a small flat blade screw driver to improve contact. DON'T split too much or it will break.

3) If it breaks or you have not other recourse, cut off the connector and test with the bare wires. If they work, solder on a new connector.

4) Open up seam and check connections inside the glove.

With heated gear there is an 80-90% chance it is related to the Coax connector plugs. In particular the female ones and splitting the centre pin for better contact. All brands of heated gear use the same connector and it is the primary source of problems. Almost every year I experience issues with the plug off the bike that attaches to the battery and have to replace it and or split it further. Electrical contact cleaning solvent works OK but anything that leaves an oily film or residue will over time make the connection worse. Do not use vinegar or WD-40.

Any brand of electrical tether on the bike will work. As mentioned the plugs are identical with almost all brands and made by some factory in china. If a connector gets even slightly warm while the gloves are on Full, there is a problem with it.

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