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Originally Posted by AuroraTom View Post
I hope I'm not making extra work for you onewizzard. This was my first attempt to post pictures and I struggled with it.

Is there a way I could have done that (stringing all images in 1 post) myself or are admin powers required?

Will your "combined" version eventually replace my original thread?

Is my image from post #10 missing? (not complaining )

It took me about 3 minutes total, I copied to a thread in the garbage bin so no edited posts would show on your thread, since it is apparent I did this, I copied post 10 &14, I also added post 10 to post #7, try using edit on post #7, you will see how it is done, only limitation I think is 20 photos using BB Code and a maximum of 10,000 characters, when that happens, a message will pop up and not update your post, when in doubt while editing, if you delete something accidentally
don't hit save or anything else, unless you have added text, anything you added up to the mistake, copy
, then hit the back arrow on your browser, also if you have been editing for say a hour or more, open a second browser to make sure you are logged in, very easy to get logged out, hitting post will lose your post and gone forever. Very easy to just open another browser, enter Kaw and enter, if logged in it will show , you can then go to the first browser and post. If text only, I have just right clicked and copied my text, very easy to paste it if logged out once logged in.
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