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Wiring Instructions Audiovox Cruise

Here is a summary of my wiring. This is different (simpler) in a few ways from the instructions that come in the box.

If using set/resume switch cut off 4 pin connector and wire up red, brown, green, yellow as indicated below (referred to as 4 pin connector wires)

Brown, Yellow, Green, Red, Purple, Black, gray/black pair to speed sensor coil are the ONLY wires needed (6 colored wires plus the shielded pair for the speed sensor coil)

Don’t need orange, gray, blue wires

1. Mount Servo in left front fairing

a. Steel bracket behind bolt for reg/rectifier (I think)
b. Route servo cable under battery box and loop back under throttle
c. Install vacuum lines and vacuum canister (with internal check valve), If no internal check valve in your canister you will need to add one between vacuum source and canister.

2. Install speed sensor coil and magnets at rear wheel

a. GRAY and Black (shield) pair from CCS-100 harness connect to the coil

3. Install Cruise Control power switch SPST 5amp rating

a. Wire from ACC +12V VIA NEW 2 amp fuse to Cruise on/off switch Common
b. Wire from Cruise Switch N/O to CCS-100 harness Red and Brown
(4 pin connector) RED and BROWN are tied together!!!!!

4. Install SET / RESUME switch SPDT Momentary 2 amp rating in kill switch housing

a. Wire from switch common (center) to Brown wire at 4 pin conn (switched +12v)
b. Wire from switch SET side to Green at 4 pin connector
c. Wire from switch RESUME side to Yellow at 4 pin connector

5. Install switch on clutch arm at engine case preferably waterproof

a. Wire from ACC +12v to clutch switch contact Common
b. Wire from clutch switch contact N/O to clutch relay coil plus

6. Install brake relay under seat

a. Wire from ground to brake coil neg. and brake relay Common
b. Wire from brake LED hot side to brake relay coil plus
c. Wire from brake relay contact N/C to clutch relay contact N/C

7. Install clutch relay under seat

a. Wire from clutch relay contact N/C to brake relay contact N/C (see 6c above)
b. Wire from clutch switch contact N/O to clutch relay coil plus (see 5b above)
b. Wire from ground to clutch relay coil neg
c. Wire from PURPLE (CCS-100 harness ********) to clutch relay contact Common

8. Black wire Chassis Ground (at or near battery)

4 pin connector wires:

Brown to switched +12V (connect to red wire see step 3b)
Green (SET wire) to set side of momentary cruise switch (rider view right side)
Yellow (RESUME) to resume side of momentary cruise switch (left side rider view)
Red Cruise Power from on/off switch (also tied to brown CCS-100 wire)

Blue (tach) wire not used (do not cut)


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Audiovox CCS-100 Cruise Control

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