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Originally Posted by 52Degrees View Post

Guys, take your wives motogear shopping.
That's exactly why I DON'T have a wife anymore!!!

Ended up with a pair of Bilt waterproof overpants. We'll see how they hold up.
I have a Bilt waterproof jacket. Although it's semi-faded (hi-viz in Florida sun) the jacket is really nice. I've been through a downpour in it a few times and I get a little water in the elbow area. That's about it. But overall, for way less $$$ than most brands...I'd buy another, no doubt!

Originally Posted by hawkerjet View Post
I took my wife to cycle gear several years ago looking for a jacket. She is a pretty good seamstress and looked at their stuff with a critical eye.

She showed me all the flaws in the construct of several jackets then said, "Guess this place is the Harbor Freight of cycle stuff."

Think the sales guy was wondering why I was laughing so hard as we left the store.
This maybe true but, in my years of riding, I've found that sometimes the cheapest product is just as worthy. As I wrote above, I like my $120 Bilt waterproof jacket a lot! Or I could have gotten a Klim for 4 times that which does the same thing. Sure, my jackets gets wet elbows but paper towels are cheap! Also, as stated before, the most comfortable helmet I've ever owned is my Bilt 3/4 helmet that cost me $50 brand new! LOVE that thing!!!

And for the record, I'm a Crafstman tools guy...but I find myself at Harbor Freight a lot!

Bottom line, ya get what you pay for...MOST OF THE TIME! After 3 different types of waterproof jackets I find that the best one, overall, is - my $60 Nelson Rigg jacket and pants! Also, last Christmas I bought a pair of $60 Bass Pro hiking high-top, waterproof boots. LOVE THEM!!! Super comfortable and road in a few downpours since. Not a drop of water gets through!

I will pull out the wallet for something expensive if, and only if, I REALLY like it. But I find that when it comes to motorcycle gear to just get what feels good to YOU! Performance of product may vary and if you only need something for a month (like a cold-weather jacket in Florida) I generally just layer up as opposed to getting a super expensive, heated jacket that I'm only going to use for a few rides a year.

***In regards to the OP, I bought a pair of snowboarding pants on Amazon for $45 last year. I had to sew in some elastic around the pant cuff but man, are those things warm!!! They claim to be waterproof but I'm not quite sure about that. Generally in Florida if it's below 50 degrees it won't be raining anyway.
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