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Base Load

Originally Posted by Fly-Sig View Post
Poking around in the Owner's Manual and the Service Manual there are some clues for those wondering about spare amps. The headlight is 55W on low beam, 110W on high beam.

Rough numbers then give us 336W produced - 150W used = 186W of available excess electrical power. This is at 5000 rpm, not idle or near idle engine speeds. According to other threads on this forum the output near idle will barely run the basic load, leaving no spare power for heated accessories at low rpm.

Heated jacket liners commonly are rated at 90W, gloves at 30W-40W per pair, pants liners 45W-50W, and socks at 15W-20W per pair. A full outfit would be 180W-200W on full heat, which uses up all the spare electrons.

Jacket plus gloves would be 120W-130W on full heat. Good practice is to derate power supplies, so I wouldn't want to run more than this 120W normally, though on low heat setting the power draw would be much less. Since the regulator shunts the excess power to wasted heat, except at near idle engine rpm the heated gear shouldn't stress the system.
See post #4 https://www.kawasakiversys.com/forum...ght=basic+load 164 Watts or 174 Watts available with phillips led city lights, actual amps for gerbing jacket and Oxford grips. Also incandescent lamps are 55 watts at 12 Volt , I explain the difference in that thread,higher voltage i.e. 14.2 VDC = higher current & increased wattage, also readings posted weren't all calculated, I used a hall effect amp probe and measured the current, c/w photos.

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