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Originally Posted by BoilerRealm View Post
Thanks, I'll research some DIY oilers. If I had a center stand, I wouldn't mind so much. But my chain looks pretty nasty almost every day, and its a hassle to pull out the paddock stand every night when I get home and clean and lube.
When I was commuting 25,000 miles a year I used a scottoiler. The downside is the flow rate changes with temps and it makes a mess a bit with fling. The chain lasted about 5000 miles longer with it vs just lubing it every 500 miles.

With the Versys and my other chain drive bike I just lube the chain every 1000 or early in really wet conditions. Certainly not every day. All you need to do is keep the o/x rings from drying out.

I use the EK SRX2 chains as they’re @60 dollars and have the ultra convienient screw rivet links available so swapping a chain is super fast. Just cut the worn one off or grind and press out a link to remove it. I’ve used JT or Sunstar sprockets with good results. It’s not worth the extra effort to meticulously maintain a chain imo. Just replace it when it wears out. Even if you barely lube it should last a good long while as the links are sealed.

I just use chain wax every 1k now and don’t stress about trying to get a few extra k out of the chain.

Snapjacks are great on long trips as well vs centerstand, I personally don’t like centerstands, the springs get weak holding them up at bad times and they touch down to early.

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