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Joe - I've heard good things about Terry Adcox Custom Seats. Your post reminds me I should do something about the Versys seat. I'm spoiled with my Gold Wing's "bucket" seat. When I compare the Wing seat to the Versys seat.....well, there is no comparison. I have sat comfortably on my Wing seat (with a pad) all day, day after day, on long trips. No way I could do that on the Versys. I assume the Versys seat, being on an "Adventure" bike, is designed more for adventure riding and less for comfortable distance riding.

I bought the Versys for shorter, "fun" trips. I keep the Gold Wing for longer rides. But if I can make the Versys seating more comfortable, I'm all for that. Had been thinking about a simple pad of some sort. But your post is pretty compelling to look seriously at Terry's Seats.

Thanks for your post!

(BTW, in 2013 for your V650, you posted about the Terry Adcox seat "Great for the daily commute and on long rides can stretch out. If i were doing mostly long distance riding then i would go with a Russell Day Long". I am not doing mostly long distance riding on the Versys, but do you still feel that way? https://www.other.com/forums/162-gen...****-seat.html )

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