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After further research, I see others that have made this sprocket change have experienced issues with the gear indicator reading a gear higher after second gear. I think I will pass for now on it for now. Being pretty OCD, that would annoy me to death.

Thanks to all who have performed or explored this issue.

Originally Posted by Shibumik View Post
I have ordered new sprockets (16/42) and will be getting them installed in a few weeks.

Currently on my V1k, here are some performance specs based on my driving style and experience running 93 octane fuel. I am carrying a Drybag 600 with about 100 lbs of gear. No pillion.

At highway speeds of 70-75 mph, my rpms are ~4250 and ~4400 respectively, ~48 mpg.

At highway speeds of 55-60 mph, my rpms are ~3400 rpm, ~51.4 mpg.

I will tell you how these stats change with the new sprockets installed.

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