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Originally Posted by fasteddiecopeman View Post
What an attitude, Gigitt.

I ALWAYS watch for a Harley to ride beside, firstly, to enjoy HIS taste in music, but SECONDLY because it has to be SAFER - don't forget that LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES....

Thanks. my Leo Vince SBK is just loud enough

I see ext speakers counter intuitive and noise polluters on a bike in this day and age.
You are ATGATT wearing a full face helmet, probably using ear plugs to reduce wind noise and protect your hearing.
I do and have a Sena 20s Bluetooth system in my helmets for my toons and GPS.

So... If you ride with no hat or with a soup bowl helmet ext speakers might fit your needs to look cool.

1) you are on a loud bike
2) there is wind noise
3) you are probably mostly deaf already from 1 and 2, means you have to crank up the volume of ext speakers when riding to hear it.
... Which I don't and probably many others don't want to be blasted with.

Ride more, worry less.
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