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Led Solution

Originally Posted by VersysCurses View Post
Thanks for the reply. I understand the reflector for the high beam is angled differently and would potentially dazzle oncoming cars, but thought maybe if they could be reduced to 40% output, that may be enough to mitigate this? But maybe not, that's why I asked. I also understand that dual lights could cause us to be confused for a far away car, but honestly I'm not concerned about that. I've had plenty of people turn in front of me with the stock single light. I just assume everyone is going to turn in front of me and make appropriate precautions.

It's frustrating that there doesn't seem to be any options to have what I (and others) are looking for. I've even looked at the complete light replacement assemblies (pricey) by KT motorcycles which sounds great, but even they seem to have the same qualities as stock in terms of how the low/high beams are angled and how they function. Maybe one day someone will have a replacement assembly that allows dual low beams.

EDIT: Another thought; what about adjusting the high beam lower to prevent dazzling oncoming traffic? I know the high beam may not point high enough to be a true "high beam" after that, but I could buy some auxiliary LEDs that would do a better job than the current high beam anyway. Anyway, just wanted to throw that out there. Thanks again.
I found a solution, very simple and anyone can do it, it stands out and from the perspective of me looking in my mirrors at someone with the set up, it stand out even in bright sunshine

Led running lights on Bark buster, adds width to the bike, anyone looking in a mirror sees a overall lighted width of 3 feet with a headlight in the center. Also note the Phillips led city lights that are now widely available even at Walmart

white running lights alternate with the signal light, turning off during the OEM signal light on period and also turning the yellow LED Bark buster signal on

My Denali LED added later after riding with a buddy that had a similar setup, really stands out, even in bright sunlight, this is low beam, set to come on once the bike is started, I modified the plug and play SP switch to toggle the high beam, rather than buy the optional high / low beam Dennali switch, as the SP came with the kit, very easy to switch the pins to make it work.

Denali high beam

Denali high beam and my led headlight replacement bulb that gives a terrible pattern, but here it is FYI for those wondering, all photos are with the bike at idle, I have the CompuFire series regulator installed and I use the brake light to trigger the headlight relay, it has happened a few times when I was at the side of the road, started the bike and never touched the brake, so I was driving for possibly 3 KM without a headlight on, since I have the Denali wired to come on immediately, I am no longer concerned. My original reasoning was I rarely put the bike in gear without having the front brake on, but it does happen. The sole reason for using the brake for triggering the headlight relay was to reduce the load on the engine during warm up and also to bring the battery up to full charge. I no longer recommend this in my Polaris regulator conversion post.

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