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Originally Posted by VersysCurses View Post
So I've read many many posts about the subject of having dual low beams and the only consistent answer I've found is using a Doubletronics module (https://www.doubletronics.com/). But, I would also like to convert to LEDs, which I'm guessing wouldn't work with the Doubletronics mod. Having the asymmetrical one-eyed look bugs the hell out of me, as does the ugly yellow incandescent bulbs. Has anyone that uses a Doubletronics mod found LED bulbs that can be "dimmed" to work with it?

I just want to have my cake and eat it too.

I appreciate what you want to do and why. I'd caution you not to attempt the dual low beam for 2 reasons:

Firstly, the high beam reflector and lens were not designed to be a low beam, so you will be dazzling oncoming motorists. This could be dangerous to you.

Secondly, two horizontal lights close together is exactly what a car looks like when it is far away. Only problem is you will be close. This will cause other motorists to turn in front of you as their tiny distracted minds will automatically assume you are a car and they have plenty of distance/time to complete their turn. You will be given ample opportunity to test your reflexes and brakes. This IS dangerous to you.

As for LED headlight bulbs, when you shop your favorite online places, search for "LED H7 F2" (or H11, H4, etc. what ever type of bulb you need). The bulbs have a braided red and black cables with a round connector between the bulb and power supply. The heat sink is round bare aluminum and the bulb can be rotated in the mounting adapter to adjust focus. Often the packaging is yellow. The bulbs are being re-sold and re-branded by many outfits. These are the best bulbs on the market at any price at this time. You won't be disappointed or frustrated with them.

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