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Tools for Valve shim/ vacuum sync

I borrowed this post from my How To thread.

Tools that you should have; telescopic swivel magnet( one that you can fix the final angle of the magnet), something to pickup a small watch or hearing aid battery as that is about the size of the shim.
A breaker bar, this is used to hold the crankshaft in the exact position.

Carbide 200 to 300 grit sand paper.A precision micrometer, best go with digital unless you are familiar using a precision one that measures to 0.0001 mm. A inch pound torque wrench 1/4 inch drive.

If you are working on a MK-3 a set of obstruction wrenches / S wrenches for the cam chain tensioner ( 12 mm either S or Half moon box).

Feeler gauges Go / No Go , as in the photo.

For a 2015 the air box has a single allenhead cap screw fastening both throttle bodies to the airbox, a long 3mm allen wrench makes it easy to remove.

For those wondering, that small piece of wood was my door passage set template for holesawing, I drilled a 5/16 by 0.125 depth hole on the center of the narrow side, this became my sanding block were I placed on top of my shim , better than sanding my fingernails, and easier.

I copied from another thread;What you'll need:
  • A sheet of paper listing the individual exhaust valve measurement and individual intake measurements, also have a spot for the shim measurement as measured when removed , you then either subtract or add what you need to reach spec, by listing the final measurement of the shim, you have a future reference , last would be the final shim measurement for each valve ,after you torqued everything and installed the cam chain tensioner.
    Or You can print the PDF at the bottom of the page.
  • telescopic magnet
  • inch pound torque wrench
  • 12 mm obstruction / half moon wrench if this is a 2015 650ABS for the cam chain tensioner
  • 1/2 inch breaker bar
  • small piece of 2X4 , drill a shallow 0.125 " hole 5/16 or 19/64 in diameter, on the 1 1/2 inch side, this is used as a sanding block for the shim , easier than trying to hold the shim with your fingers, unless you need your finger nails sanded too
  • a second piece of wood or other flat surface to place the carbide paper on, for sanding
  • A good metric socket set
  • Metric wrench set
  • Metric allen wrench set
  • Assembly Lube
  • Loctite
  • Anti-Seize
  • Rags
  • Assembly Lube
  • Metric Feeler Gauges, my preference is Go No Go
  • Zip Ties
  • Metric Micrometer
  • Shim kit or sandpaper
  • Manometer for performing throttle body vacuum sync
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