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Originally Posted by CuddyBuddy View Post
As I continue to outfit my V1000, next on my list is a tank bag. It seems a tank bag might be advantageous for holding small miscellaneous things, especially on a trip. Two questions. One, do people use tank bags? Are they common, or pretty infrequent? Two, if you do use a tank bag, which one do you recommend. I do not need a bag with a map window on the top, as I have a GPS. But in looking at SW-Motech, GIVI and Kawasaki, I saw a few that were interesting. (Does this Quick-Lock system work?:

• Givi XS319 XStream TankLock Tank Bag
• Givi MT505 Metro-T Tanklock Tank Bag
• SW-Motech Quick-Lock ION one Tank Bag - BC.TRS.00.201.10000
• SW-Motech Quick-Lock ION two Tank Bag - BC.TRS.00.202.10000
• SW-MOTECH EVO Micro QUICK-LOCK Tank Bag | 2.5-5L
• SW-MOTECH Type 140 EVO Tank Bag QUICK-LOCK Bottom Tank Ring

As always, TIA!!
I would look for a tank bag that uses a tank ring attachment system as it is best. Both Givi and SW-Motech make bags of this type. I use my tank bag most frequently to purchase a coffee and store it on the way into work. It never spills. On rides I use it to store an extra clear/tinted visor, bottle of water, or anything that I need quick access to.

In most cases that map window is useless for your phone or GPS. This is because my phone overheats when I stick it in the air tight pocket in hot weather and shuts down. Also the touch screen does not work. It's OK for occasional use in cold to middle temps but not much else. Much better alternative is a RAM X Mount for your phone.

Suggest Givi XS320 or 602 models or similar fitting SW-Motech models like city model. Not all tank bags fit the Versys, some will interfere with handle bar movement. Consult Twisted Throttle site for SW-Motech bags that fit Versys.

https://emlineamoto.com seems to have great prices.

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