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Tank Bag Question

As I continue to outfit my V1000, next on my list is a tank bag. It seems a tank bag might be advantageous for holding small miscellaneous things, especially on a trip. Two questions. One, do people use tank bags? Are they common, or pretty infrequent? Two, if you do use a tank bag, which one do you recommend. I do not need a bag with a map window on the top, as I have a GPS. But in looking at SW-Motech, GIVI and Kawasaki, I saw a few that were interesting. (Does this Quick-Lock system work?:

• Givi XS319 XStream TankLock Tank Bag
• Givi MT505 Metro-T Tanklock Tank Bag
• SW-Motech Quick-Lock ION one Tank Bag - BC.TRS.00.201.10000
• SW-Motech Quick-Lock ION two Tank Bag - BC.TRS.00.202.10000
• SW-MOTECH EVO Micro QUICK-LOCK Tank Bag | 2.5-5L
• SW-MOTECH EVO Daypack QUICK-LOCK Tank Bag | 5-9L

As always, TIA!!

2012 Kawasaki Versys 1000
2012 Honda Gold Wing 1800

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