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Smartphones, T-Mobile service, disappointment......

You know, I've been with T-Mobile since they were Voicestream, and that was many years ago. Always had great customer service, always good talk & text service, never a billing problem. Then about a month ago, I decide it's time to get with the rest of the world and upgrade to a smartphone. Gimme internet on my phone, let me send & receive pics, video & who knows what else. But to get this phone with all these nice features, I have to sign a two year contract. I've been month to month with them for a long time, and MUCH prefer that. I HATE being locked in with these money hungry bastards, but seeing how I've been with them for so long with so little problems, I figured what the hell. Famous last words, right? Right up there with "What can go wrong", "Hold my beer" & "Watch this..."

Anyway, I buy two of these newest of the new MyTouch 4G phones, one for me, and one for my son Kelby. Supposed to be the best T-Mobile offers. And yes, I know what you're thinking, "You should've done a little research, Rick Peyton..." And you're right. Shame on me, and I should have to live with my mistake. Suffer you lazy man for not googling this more than you did. So be it.

From the get go, Kelby complains his phone is very laggy, and doesn't respond right away to touch. I tell him maybe his phone is a girl. Am I right fellas?? Hahaha!! And he complains his internet is slow & 4G is spotty. I noticed my internet was slow & my phone lost 4G a lot too. Hmm... In fact, it seemed to spend at least half the time on regular cell service. And even when I had 4G, seemed like when I went to the web, it would either drop to regular cell service, thus slowing to a crawl, or was just slow. Many of my coworkers have smartphones through other carries, so we've been running comparisons. And let me tell you, that's another thing I am regretting, because it only added to my frustrations! T-Mobile is just SLOW compared to AT&T, Sprint & Verizon. Period. Noticeably slower.

So, I get on the phone with tech support. I tell him what's going on. He creates a trouble ticket, we go through the whole, on/off/remove battery game, then reboot the phone, then he talks me into doing something else I regret, a factory reset. Lost everything of course, but my contacts. Luckily we backed those up. But the worst thing, after the factory reset, now MY phone was laggy and non-responsive! DAMMIT! Now I'm pissed. Oh, and I hear from them a couple of days later. Yep you guessed it, "Mr. Peyton, there's nothing wrong with the service in your area, nor are there gonna be any upgrades in the near future. The area you live in should have excellent coverage."


Then I see my first bill. Holy Lord. Now I'm furious. WAY higher than what I was quoted in the store. The cute little T-Mobile hottie even showed me a computer screen with line item charges of what my total bill SHOULD be, including fees and taxes (or so I thought!!) before I signed that GD contract. But THIS bill was significantly higher! So I call customer support. I tell 'em I want out of my contract. Out I tell you *pounds fist on desk*! Long story short, she says nope. sorry, you're stuck. We'll send you a new phone. Maybe you got a defective one. I say not likely, we have two, both have crappy service, but maybe, so send it, and that still does NOTHING for my bill. Stuck with that for TWO YEARS. I soooooooo regret signing that contract. Lesson learned. NEVER AGAIN.

Which brings us to today. I got my new replacement phone yesterday, same type of phone, the MyTouch 4G. I've been messing with it quite a bit. It does seem faster on the web. Maybe it's a placebo thing? I don't know. But it does seem to stay on 4G. I wont know for sure for a few more days. Guess I need to tell 'em to send Kelby a new phone too...

So now that I've publicly whined, what is the point of all this?? If you ask me who to choose as a cell carrier, I'll say this, if you just want a normal, plain jane, talk & text phone, T-Mobile is fine. Never had a problem. HOWEVER, if you're looking for a smartphone, and all the fancy pretties that go with, I say avoid T-Mobile like a person with dog crap on their shoe. Stay away! From our tests at work & at home (Babydaughter Meg, aka Bear Cub, has the Sprint Evo phone), Verizon is consistently the fastest, with Sprint a very close second place. In fact, at times Meg's Evo was faster surfing the web on 3G service than my phone was with 4G. Sad. Maybe with this new phone, things will be different. I can only hope, but still not worth the price of admission....

Thank you for listening....

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