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Just got done with a 6000 mile trip on my 15' Versys, from Illinois, to Arches National Park in Utah, to Yosemite in California, and up to Yellowstone in Wyoming. I used my samsung galaxy s7 active the entire time, and with google maps downloaded, after making my trip online ( you can add in each destination for your trip, choose whether you want tolls, choose whether you'd like to ride highways, and change the roads google maps for you in general). I also used the Waze app to check for traffic, and police. Smartphone connects bluetooth to my SENA and gives me maps, spotify, and I talk to my roommate. I use a cheap 25$ X mount off amazon, with a 2A charger built in, rode through what were basically monsoons in Utah with the phone on the mount, as well as rode offroad for portions of the trip and had absolutely no issues. Even when cell service dropped, google maps stayed true, and with the downloaded maps I could search for other routes/stops. Just couldn't see myself sinking 300-600 dollars on a GPS when technology is advancing so fast, and waterproof smartphones are going to be the new standard, and I have to buy a phone anyways. S7 Active is a year or two old and you might be able to get it for a good price since the s8 just came out last week.
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