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My first real ride on my 300X

Today I had the first chance to take out the new Little Gray Bike (Versys 300X Kawasaki)and really put it thru the paces for which I bought it. My main reason was to have a bike large enough to ride 30 miles across Denver and then small enough to hit the many forest service and dirt roads that crisscross the Front Range Foothills. Of course before I bought this bike I read and watched all the info that was on the internet, and every one knows the internet does not lie. But I need to find out if that was all true. In a word, YES.

Headed across town around 7am, right in the middle of morning rush hours. Lots of cars and stop and go. The little bike handled it very well. Fast enough to pick and scoot into the holes that sleepy drivers left open. Quick enough to keep up with faster traffic, and light enough to come to quick stops as needed. This little Versys would make for a great commuter, however I would recommend the ABS model for the morning commute. My bike is a Non ABS as I don't plan on riding in rush hour often, I am retired and don't need to Ride To Work anymore. Besides I bought it to ride the dirt forest service roads. After about 30 mins of stop , go , stop and go again we broke out on the west side of Denver with four lane highway. Speed limit was 65 but everyone is moving at 75 or so. Is this little 300cc machine going to keep up? Yes it will, engine is turning at 9000 rpm in 6th gear at 75 mph. Motor is very smooth and there is no tingling in the hand grips. The speed did not seem to bother the little bike. Smooth, planted and vibration free. The little Versys passed my traffic and Freeway test just fine. With that said, I don't think I would run freeway all day long on this bike, That is what my FJR is for. It most likely can do it, but why?

Stopped for gas at the base of the foot hills and but 2.3 gal. in the bike. First time I fueled it up as the dealer gave me almost a full tank. I had put 127 miles on it so far. Now I will be able to get an accurate mpg reading. As a side note: the first of six fuel gage segments dropped off at 90 miles today. Tank is suppose to hold 4.5 gals. Need a few more days before I fill it up again. Headed up the hill to Rampart Range Road (67) Nice tight twisties. Bike handled great, going up as fast as I dared, was in 4th gear most of the way. No issues with power. Just remembering to keep the revs up in the power band, which seems to be 7k rpm +. On over the hill and down the other side with lots more twists and turns leveling out at Sprucewood. Here I make the turn onto 3 miles of dirt road, Night Hawk Canyon with a 15% grade for about a mile. First gear all the way down this dirt canyon. First gear is very low almost too low of a gear. This road drops down to the South Platte River and then runs parallel to the river. If one takes a left turn it is 10 miles to Deckers all paved twisties. A right turn will follow down stream along the river on a dirt road. Coming out on pavement at Foxton Road. Both ways are a lot of fun. I decided to take the right on the dirt road, to Foxton Road. The little bike handled the dirt road just fine. Of course it has some nice little sweeper turn, but nothing technical. This road use to be a rail bed back in the late 1800 to early 1900s. Hit the pavement and then up the hill on Foxton Road with again a lot of tight twisties. The little Versys was in it's Element. Lots of smiles and miles. I could go on and one about the route that I rode this morning but those who are not familiar with it would just get bored, so I'll just post the pictures.

As far as the bike is concerned it is everything the media has said it is to include the hard ass seat. After 5 hours and 150 miles of riding my butt did get a bit uncomfortable, and I like a hard seat. Will be looking for inexpensive solution to the seat issue. Windshield did a great job of deflecting the wind off my chest but put it right in my face. No problem if you ride with a closed visor. I like to ride with an open visor. Was not a problem until the speed got up above 35mph or so. All in all I am going to really like this little machine for my daily foot hill / local city ride arounds. As soon as the tires wear out I will fit a bit more aggressive adventure touring tire. ie. Shinkos 705s? That is what I am running on my Wee Strom 650 right now. This bike is a keeper.
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