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Originally Posted by vigneshnm View Post

Thanks for your review of the off-road performance. I'm enamoured by this bike and look to buy it when it's launched in India. All my off roading has been done on a Royal Enfield which, to say the least, isn't ideal for it.

I saw a review by Fortnine.ca (https://youtu.be/XYYf7iG1ih4) where the reviewer removed the fuse of the ABS which disabled it and it was perfectly fine while off-roading.

Do you think that workaround would solve any issue you faced? It isn't elegant, but hey, as long as it works, right? Although I read elsewhere on the forum that removing the fuse also disables the speedometer.

From reading on these forums it seems that removing the fuse also turns off the speed indicator and gas mileage so I'd say fort nine may have not actually taken the abs fuse out but that was more for show as well as the changing the sprocket because that causes engine lights to come on. If you watch other videos you'll see he actually had a limited time with the bike and had to get it back. So I may be wrong but I don't think he actually tried those things, but would if he owned the bike. Those without the abs don't have these problems. They say it would be hard to actually engage the abs in real life because of the break squeeze the bike has. IF you needed the abs on the road you would be glad you had it, but it makes me want to buy without abs.

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