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Originally Posted by Brockie View Post
I have just added a VX300 to my garage. In comparison my V-Strom is big and bulky, and feels far heavier than the 45 kgs that is meant to separate them! I prefer to straddle the V-Strom while moving it in the garage but will happily walk around with the VX300.

The 650 has more torque where you need to keep the VX300 spinning. In the higher gears at least 5,000 rpm.

On motorways and long haul the 650 is best - but the VX300 will still get you there, but less relaxed. On back roads and dirt roads the VX300 is in its element - light, nimble, responsive. And that is on stock 90/10 tyres. Even with 50/50 tyres the relatively ponderous 650 is more demanding on dirt roads. When I first bought my DL650 I could not wait to get rid of its OEM 90/10 tyres. No such issues with the VX300.

The overall difference to me is the SLIM profile and lack of bulk - the less intimidating feel that although still a full sized bike the VX300 does not intimidate the rider. I bought one because I'm getting older and ride isolated dirt roads solo and was worried that I would strain something if I needed to pick up the DL650 unaided.
Thanks for your comments and observations. Very helpful to me as I become older (in my case 72).


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