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My Construction Must be Different / Observation of Support

Originally Posted by fasteddiecopeman View Post
NOTE: This was designed for the 2015 Versys 650. I *think* it will fit older models, but I cant make any promises at this point. I have had several customers check dimensions and it looks like it should work. I will report back once we have a few in the field.

YES - same for the THREE Gens of V650s. (I took the "lift" off my '09 when the insurance came for it, and mounted it onto my '15. (I BELIEVE the length of bolts I bought are 45mm....)

BTW - I was NOT the guy that originated this mod. It was pretty much in general use when I joined the Forum and then got my '08, BIG RED, in September 2008.
So like anything I analyzed the construction and support of the seat. This is what I found;
The biggest problem for me is my jewels seem to be getting in the way no matter what angle the seat is at*%$#@ yup expect some razzing --bring it on

So what I found is that front tab is for holding the seat down ,what supports the very front of the seat is two notched tabs on either side of the protruding tab. Wear marks on the seat from rubbing are evidence of support, the protruding tab that everyone is using to raise and support the seat is primarily for holding the seat down and locating it in the middle between the gas tank.

The washers shown on either side that are getting 45mm bolts added are in fact metal spacers, which allows the gas tank to float , these spacers provide a fixed solid support for holding the seat down, as I said previously.

So I decided to go ahead and try raising the seat 1/2" , as I had all the hardware on hand and some 1/2 GPO-3 fiberglass, ( won't rust , won't corrode, non conductive and very strong, but easy to shape with a good jig saw which I also have c/w cobalt saw blades.

So I spent several hours coming up with a plan, bolted everything together, well not that easy, as it took 3 tries until I had everything fitting and bolted together. Tried it out, as the plan is for a long ride tomorrow, luckily not far to go today to get back home and take it all apart , put back to original. I was about to call it a day when I thought I could at least post a picture of the support spacer I made, never did attach the upper one that was going to go below that tab and hold the lower spacer in place.The red fiberglass piece is the seat support, not the middle tab.

What I found was raising the front almost eliminated the forward slide, however the same pressure I experience in the OEM set up is there with it raised. So the real problem is the foam and shape of the foam, no raising or lowering is going to solve that for me. Glad it works for those that posted, my plan is to get new, higher density foam and redo my own seat. I have all the tools and a arrow air stapler & stainless staples.

So come winter and there is two feet of snow outside , I plan re-do the seat with better foam and a different shape then take a couple pictures as a how I did it, and post it.
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