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I got to demo one Tuesday, I was sold on the bike within the first 10 minutes. The dealer has this long narrow driveway that's frost heaved and lifted from tree roots, like small speed bumps every 8 ft, my Harley doesnt like it even with good suspension: the X300 ate it up; they told me to not to take it over 9K rpm, ( wanted to try it on the freeway) and there is a long open stretch of farm road right there. Rowed the gear box up to 6th hitting 9K in each gear and zippity doo da we were doing 75mph , on a bumpy farm road with a decent crosswind: bike was surefooted and stable, should feel pretty good at 90+ on a freeway. Hit some s turns and man Kawasaki really has got that suspension dialed in, what a fun bike in the twistys for sure. Had to finish up getting it a little muddy through mild holes off the side road, so light, did great. Went back and non-ABS unit in grey the next day. love it so far. ( they have a ATV trail at that dealership, 2ft deep ruts, 4ft tall weeds, a big arsed mud hole, just had to take her down it while I was waiting for the SO to finish talking and shopping. Im sure I would have dropped a KLR 650, the X300 handled it and my dirt noobiness with zero drama

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