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Originally Posted by fasteddiecopeman View Post
Dropped by "my" Kawi dealer yesterday about 1430, and lo-and-behold - a KTM demo day, w/ open-slots for the 1500 ride, and the 390 Duke was included, so I signed-up!

MOTORCYCLIST had a KTM 390 for a long-term test, and they just returned it, writing a 'do NOT buy' report, due MANY issues w/ it....

HOWEVER, I had a fun little 30 minutes: LOADS of power, good handling and brakes, felt 'comfy' altho' the footpegs were quite high, and (in the 80F weather) lots of airflow. As I said - FUN!
When I was searching for a sub 400 lb bike in '15 to haul on work trips when ridingbwas out of the question, the 390 and 690 were on my list to try. I liked the 390, but my knees wouldn't tuck in behind the tank in my riding pants. The 690 would be the perfect bike to carry home a gallon of paint on.
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