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A few words about riding the VX300 ABS on dirt

So, I was curious to see how this little bugger handles a fire road with the non-switchable rear ABS. My findings are on the positive side of the spectrum.

For those of you who are in the OC area of SoCal, I took the Silverado Canyon road up to Saddleback Peak. The fireroad consists of deep pot holes, off camber turns, rocky sections, silty fine dirt in areas and a few stream crossings. You would never expect a place like this to be in central Orange County.

The bike performed as one would expect a sub 400lb, 5" travel, 30ish HP bike would in the dirt. It was fun and very tractable.

As for the ABS which I engaged what seemed like a few hundred times on the way down, was perfectly fine. As long as you didn't overwhelm it with too much speed, >25mph on a semi technical silty rocky descent, you can keep the bike under control. The combination of using the front brake while the rear was pulsing due to the ABS, kept things very manageable. I did go wider in a corner then I would've liked cause my speed was in the 40's and the terrain was steep and bombed out with ruts and loose rocks. After that, I maintained a more conservative speed and the bike felt perfectly composed.

I did find a few things I want to do with the bike from that ride. Since the bike model is still in it's infancy, the aftermarket products are still lacking, so I will be doing my own tinkering for now.

1. The rubber pegs are too squishy. The bike lends itself well to being ridden standing up. But the pegs don't allow you to have a secure purchase on your bike. I'm going to address it by either removing the rubber pads and filing/grinding in teeth to the aluminum portion of the peg or purchasing an aftermarket solution. The former is free, so I'll start there.

2. The seat is hard, but everyone nows that already. Will probably open up the seat and add some slow recovery foam (memory foam) and re-staple.

3. The gearing is low. I've purchased a +1 tooth front sprocket to make first gear usable.

4. The ABS. I'm banking on someone or the aftermarket to come up with an elegant solution to disable just the rear ABS.

5. This bike is stinking fun and sans drama. Definitely worth the price of admission!

Get yourself one!!
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