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Might be of interest. Pulled the throttle sleeve, found gunk was slowing return. Found the second adjuster for the cable down near the throttle body. Funny place. Polished the bar (some scoring and weirdness), cleaned everything, lubed the cables, and put chain wax on the bar where the sleeve turns. Reassembled and adjusted play. Works great now!

Last effort was to put on an LED flasher brake light system. Much more visible now.

MRA windshield coming before the weekend.

Next will be a go-through on valves, plugs, air filter etc. Everything that's under there!

And the VStrom will get the inherent chain misalignment fixed. Explains the number of chains and sprockets it has been through in its colorful life.

Guzzi doesn't need a thing except the routine oil and rear tire change (they last about the same amount of miles!!!)

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