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We want a report!!!!

Originally Posted by freewheeler View Post

Puting a V-Strom front wheel on a Versys is a easy mod ... you have to turn the rotor diameter down 3/8 of an inch ... and buy two V-Strom front wheel spacers to turn down to the correct length ... that's it ... what you see in the photos is my vstrom front wheel on the versys ... I'm presently looking for a wheel myself ... since I figured it out ... If someone knows where to obtain one at a reasonable price ... let me know ... the details are ... raise the front fender ... like I did when I put a 130x80-17 tire on the front ... rotors on the vstrom are 310 mm so the rotors have to be turned down to 300mm so the calipers will bolt up ... there is enough surface on the vstrom rotors to handle the reduction in diameter ... the lateral movement in the calipers are more than enough to accomodate the little difference in rotor spacing between the two bikes ... you will use the axle out out the versys to do this mod as the bearing ID is the same on both bikes ... and modify the vstrom bushings to center the wheel ... and seal on the vstrom wheel bearing seals ... that's it ...

Edit: ... I forgot that I have custom Galfer brake lines ... the stock jumper brake line will have to be replaced with a longer line to go over the raised fender ... or ... do what I did ...
Awesome job - great bike and it looks from the pics like you USE it; kudos!!! You need to answer a few pertinent questions though - enquiring minds want to know:

1) Whats your evaluation of the switch out - how does the new rim/tire affect: turn out and flickability? tracking, and overall pavement handling?

2) Have you noticed an appreciable increase in rough road/terrain handling - can you give details?

3) What are those tires you are running - evaluation?

4) Is the rim from a V strom or Wee strom ( 650) or are they the same?

5) With the fender raised and part of the lower forks now somewhat exposed, do you worry about or notice dings in the fork shaft that might eventually be a problem with cutting up the seals?

6) Whats your overall satisfaction with the switch, and whats your dirt/pavement riding ratio?

7) Whats you blood type, DNA profile, date of birth, SS#, bank account info, criminal record, and 3rd grade test scores.

That's all I can think of for now - I'll get back to you as I think of more!!!!!
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