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Hi new guy here, 2015 Versys 1000

I had 2 bikes, KLR 650 and a Concours 1400. I thought the 1000 would be a good do everything bike. Light off roading, not as well as the KLR and good highway manners of the C-14.

What I got was the worst of both bikes. The high tech maintenance of the C14 without the power. Chain drive maintenance of the KLR and none of the off road ability. I've never bought a bike I hated so much. Getting blown all over the road like a KLR on the highway. Keep this in mind as you read on, before the engine break in, I never had a bike other than the KLR that out performing a Harley was in question. High speed wobble at 95 mph and higher. Side bags compared the C14 were like shoe boxes and harder to remove. None of the rock hard planted stability at speeds of 120 + mph. Yes a120, the C14 was just getting warmed up and felt as planted at 50 as it did at 120. What did I do, I thought.

I did the research, read the reviews, looked at every YouTube video. All the same thing reported, the greatest bike in the world. Some even comparing it to the C14's power and long distant tour. Not true, I thought. The only redeeming thing was I got such a discounted price, I could unload this POS with out a big loss. Did I mention how much I hated this bike.

My riding style reflected my extreme dislike. I beat this bike like I stole it. Hitting the rev limiter more times than any bike I ever owned. Then, it broke in.

Hmmm, wait a minute. After about 5,000 miles, something happened. Was there more power? I think so. I got the handling sorted out with tire pressure and suspension adjustment. But not wanting to go back to my dealer after letting them know my thoughts on this bike at every chance I had. To the point they were going to sell me a new C14 at cost and give me better than fair trade in on the Versys.

I took the Concours for a test ride before buying. Something I should have done before buying the Versys.

I couldn't believe it. The Concours was nice, but didn't knock my socks off. What happened, is the Versys as good as the reviews stated? No it couldn't be. Not after running this bike down the way I have. I can't admit that I like it. I like the power, the handling almost everything now. To the point I'm going to buy my wife a 650.

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