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Here is one for the Kiwis

Why New Zealand is in Trouble*

The population of this country is 4 million

2 million are retired

That leaves 2 million to do the work

There are 1.5 million in school

Leaving 500,000 to do the work

Of these, 450,000 are "employed" by the government

So there's only* 50,000* to do the work

4000 are in the armed forces, busy trying to catch Osama Bin-Laden

Which leaves just 46,600 to do the work

Take from that total the 10,000 unemployed people

Leaving just 36,600 left to do the work

At any given time there are 18,800 people in hospitals

Leaving 17,800 to do the work

Currently we have 17,798 people in prisons

That leaves just* two people* to do the work

You and me

And there you are*

Sitting on your **bottom*

At the computer, reading jokes*

Nice..... Real nice.*
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