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Protective Knee Braces

After passing thousands of cars splitting lanes in LA yesterday, there were a couple of idiots that made me nervous pulling on the line trying to see on the dividing line (w/o looking in their rear view mirror.) I gave my dual horns a work out. I did not see any Harley's to tag behind the loud rolling thunder: they open up a nice space behind them.

I was thinking that knee braces would not be a bad piece of riding apparel since they are the most exposed body ends we risk normally with standard riding equipment (and riding pants are inconvenient as hell in the city on and off the bike.)

Anyone have any good well based Knee Brace preferences?

- I don't want a lot of metal in it for a couple of reasons.
- They HAVE to have air flow and drying material padding.
- I would prefer a material like fiberglass rather than just "Plastic".
- Some don't even tell how to fit for sizing! FTS.
- I've got 10 lb baby thighs, 26" circum. 8" above knees and 17" circum. calves.
- Of course I won't know until try on, so they have to be returnable.

- Pods look comfortable, but may be plastic.
- Alpinestars have X bands which latch (convenient) but materials, bands, pads, and supports, may be in question.
- Asteric Cyto knees look good but too much metal which deteriorates at a faster rate due to interfaces with plastic parts.
- CTI custom jobs are expensive, but maybe not much more than a premium off the shelf model above.

I've got a custom brace in storage out of state, so I may ask to get it shipped to me; and then I'd just have one brace to worry about getting (and get a CTI custom.) The off the shelf are made for racing and therefore made to wear out.

It's hard to figure out, but I'd sure feel a lot more confident knowing my 10-lb baby legs are not freely slinging around in an accident. You feel like a Marvel comic hero character with the confidence that a knee brace gives you (for splitting lanes anyway.) Wrestler Steve Austin used to get off on his knee braces, ha ha, I think as a weapon more than anything else.

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Wouldn't the knee armor found in a good pair of leather riding pants work? The stuff in my track-based suit is pretty beefy. Add the hard plastic knee puck on the outside, seems like it might be good protection?
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I have been thinking about getting the Thor Force Knee protectors.
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Yeah, both those alternatives look good. But a leg brace holds your knee in a tight axis of control on both sides of the knee. As well, most keep you from hyperextending your knee joint (that's where you usually tear a knee meniscus.)

As well, it helps maintain a healthy chiropractor skeletal alignment while riding; but mainly the knee protection is superior to just padding alone since it controls harmful knee extensions which are usually permanent to some extent anyway. I.e - once you tear a knee meniscus, they tear easily again and are painful and limiting until proper rehab has taken place.

A car is most often involved, but that is around you all the time. Throwing on a couple of knee braces would be easier than padded pants and protect the knees better which are sitting out in the open. The pants are sweaty too, esp. leather pants. But leather padded pants or those long monster leg pads would be fine too. I'd just rather not wear them. Wicking non sweaty materials rule out most all the cheaper alternatives, and it's not healthy to have sweaty privates all the time

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I tried on a set of returned xl carbon Pods (an older mx brand) and they seemed to fit great. And from the feedback I've seen, Pods are the next best thing to CTI's and even comparable in some respects.

Pods older models are supposed to be good since they started out designed so well (light and well structured.) There may be a need to get some Velcro straps from Home Depot, but that is ok.

Edit: well I'm just a shade over xl and only xxl offered on a discontinued K700 model (not the size I was offered for 1/2 off good deal.) I looked at the Thor's posted above, and sure enough, if it had a 'sweaty nads' box, everyone would have checked it in the reviews. Maybe I'll look for a smaller knee brace product that will fit me for less money too.

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Great idea, are those intended to fit under your pants/jeans?
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Originally Posted by unstable_rider View Post
Great idea, are those intended to fit under your pants/jeans?
Not me, not down South (sweaty): i just want to clip, ride, take off. If you get used to the brace support all the time, your muscles and tendons will degenerate and get weaker. Use them or lose them, but I want to protect them as well.
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Originally Posted by unstable_rider View Post
Great idea, are those intended to fit under your pants/jeans?
Good question. That made me soul search what I really want. The internet will just mix you up with propaganda sometimes (usually!)

Because torn meniscus are so psychologically devastating, losing your wheels and all (the first and last steps are on your legs :-o ), I was hung up on the knee "brace", but I'm beyond physical therapy although every now and then,... Anyway, I want PROTECTION(!): not a thin piece of knee plastic that falls off for equipment that costs $350 to $3200. And the $3200 ones don't even have the thin knee plastic cover (that was the last straw that finally tipped me off to the marketing scheme.)

So I found a lead on EVS and went to CycleGear since they carry knee guard level equipment (and they are open on Sunday's.) Luckily, someone ordered an AlpineStar Vapor knee protector and did not pick it up. CycleGear is like Walmart with their store brand (Bilt) that is crap, and you have to order anything decent. Just 2 straps (I'll need to widen with pads maybe) and they mold around the legs. It's got polyester and polyurethane quick drying material. I wore it all day, rode on it about 20 miles, and changed my oil in them (SWEET, no more crushed knee ligaments on concrete!)

Unless you are borderline paralyzed, i'd forget the knee 'Brace' since your knee will get weaker and weaker with total support. I'd look just at the knee protectors, and they are much cheaper! Maybe I'll look above the knee to the thigh pad later, but the knees are the precious cargo to me right now (it was hard to sleep, more than normal, until I got my knees guarded!)

I've got riding pants maybe for trips, the knee guards are good for every day, and maybe I'll get some knees with thigh protectors later for going downtown LA (Guerrilla warfare zone!)

OH YEAH! Everyone's anatomy interfaces products differently. TRY THEM ON before you buy if possible. The best for your purpose, like mine ($45), definitely does not have to be the most expensive even for motocross.

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