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Originally Posted by ronheater70 View Post
I'm going to ask a really dumb question, only because I have looked at these (or similar)off and on for years but have zero experience with them.

So, How do you put re-fuel? I assume it rotates or snaps into the ring, does that mean you would need to empty it in order to take it off? Does it sag anywhere and rub the tank paint?
Hope the video answers your questions.

Currently SW-Motech, Givi and Cortech all have a different proprietary tank ring system. The plastic flange the bag clips to comes with the bag and is the same for every Givi bag. The metal ring costs ~$15US and is unique to every motorcycle make/model.

It does not sag or touch the paint when attached. The bottom of all Givi tank ring bags is rigid. The bag sits ~5mm above the tank, not on the tank.

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