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I purchased the Bohn underwear some time back, but my legs are either too skinny or my kneecaps too boney because the knee pads continually rotate out of position. I asked for help from them, but got none - so I've had a pair of small Bohn underpants residing in my closet for a while. I think if one didn't have boney knees that they'd work nicely. I'll make somebody a good deal - they're size small as I recall.

Originally Posted by cjcintucson View Post
Does anybody have experience with some of the protective underwear out there. Specifically, I am thinking about
Dainese Norsorex Pro-Shape Pants E1 - RevZilla
or the Bohn stuff Armored protection under your jeans.
Really pricey, but I do like that it would seem to be in the right place if you ever need it. Seems like pads in jackets or pants move around too much. I use a armored jacket and Slider pants with knee guards now, but I am thinking about the underwear route. There is a very old thread about the Bohn, but thought I would ask knowing we have many new folks on board. THANKS
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