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Originally Posted by Squishman View Post
Great, great info Arion and Ray. I will refer to your pointers for sure as I plan this out. I believe I will rent a car and drive in from Baltimore and spend 2 or 3 days at Gettysburg. Instead of a bus tour, the self-guided tour I think is up my alley, since I'll have a car. I toured Yorktown 4 years ago and they had a CD that you buy for the tour and it is timed as you play it along the drive. I wonder if Gettysburg has that same sort of thing. I will definitely consider the Harpers Ferry and the Antietam battlefield too.
You should enjoy of those as well. Harper's Ferry is interesting - the entire village is within a National Park. You park at the visitors center and ride a bus down into the village. It's a fascinating place to wander around and the story tellers are knowledgeable and entertaining (or were when I was last there). Antietam is, like Gettysburg, best experienced by car with a lot of stopping and wandering around. It's a sprawling battlefield and can take the better part of a day to explore thoroughly. We must have taken a zillion photos and still didn't take enough to be able to remember everything we had seen - even though it was raining lightly. Step inside the Dunker Church and climb the tower near the Bloody Lane for a grand view of most of the battlefield. Oh, and notice how many cannon barrels have been placed into the ground, muzzle first. They designate the death of a general officer, and there are more than a few. Next to Gettysburg, Sharpsburg (Antietam) was probably the most horrendous battle of the Civil War. It's difficult to imagine the carnage.


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