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Originally Posted by my2wheels View Post
You say you live up by the mountains.....well l did in Vegas, so are you're mountains cold & snowy or hot & rocky???

Do you have an unlimited budget, what is your style of riding, are you strictly blacktop or an avid offroader..........You need to give us more info if you want a proper answer other than people just telling you what they wear for their environment!

I get some of my budget gear from this website, but be aware that you need to order at least one size larger than you usually wear if it's not a big name/brand product within their catalogue.

Motorcycle Helmets, Gear, Parts & Accessories - Cycle Gear
I'm in the mountains of South Carolina so the weather is usually around 70-80 degrees. And I'm on a budget and I'm riding mainly on blacktop. Sorry for the lack of info I'm new to riding and the site.
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