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Originally Posted by saddlebag View Post
The way you guys split lanes out there, it's only a matter of time until some driver changes lanes and ruins a perfectly good day.
Actually, safety is why they allow lane splitting. Bikes would get run up from behind by multitaskers that only notice vehicles bigger than themselves. With all the bikers getting crippled and killed, insurance companies were about to go belly up for the cars. To compound that, on a sunny day, motorcycles can add up to 20% congestion on an already maxed out interstate system.

The car drivers are really good here and it is surprisingly safer than anywhere else I've ridden motorcycles: hands down. That's one biker out of a million here. Motorcycle safety is the very best thing about California. It takes a while to get used to it, but just keep your bike maintained, and it's a blast if you concentrate every second you are on the road. Of course heavy Harley Davidsons, bulky 'bricks', and stooped over crotch rockets are not as safe: learn or burn! I will dread the day I leave CA mainly because of the motorcycle safety number one.

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