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As best I can tell, all clearances are within spec, however the #2 exhaust clearances are at the bottom of the spec.

As for my technique I tried using a micrometer and dialing in the gage dimension and then tightening the micrometer and feeling the differences. I think I am close. I just had some bad advice that said if the gage goes in the to keep sizing up until it dosen't. This however dosen't work for this measurement. I think I have it right.

I am getting almost identical numbers to when I checked these last fall at 17k when they were close for the exhaust, but good for the inlets.

By the numbers at 23k;

Inlet 1-1 .178mm
Inlet 1-2 .178mm
Inlet 2-1 .178mm
Inlet 2-2 .203mm
Ex 1-1 .229mm
Ex 1-2 .254mm
Ex 2-1 .229mm
Ex 2-2 .229mm
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