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Glad you got it off.

Mine was stubborn even with an impact. I had to put my chain back on and ride to a buddies with a bigger compressor, and it resisted his as well. We had actually pretty well quit, but I hit it one more time with the impact, and off she came.


Recently, I was quite pleased to see that my swing-arm was not installed by the same tech that spun the front sprocket on my VERS.

The swing-arm came off nice, like all other reports, the grease nearly non existent, but the bolt was shiny, free-rotating, and seemed to be plated or some corrosion resistant finish.

I feel like I have to keep going on the big nuts and bolts items to see what else I would never get off in a motel parking lot if I had to someday.

Again, glad you got that nut off. Are you stepping to a 16T front sprocket?
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