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Originally Posted by invader View Post
That is a great way to secure it, as long as it's the right size and that it doesn't slip out under torque. I wish I had thought of that. It makes it easier because the force applied is solidly supported right at the source. You can also reverse it to torque it back on at 92 ft-lbs... Did you have a 26 mm socket to try? A 1-1/16" (26.9875 mm) socket is a bit loose on it.
Who you askin' ? I tried first with a breaker bar and a 2x2 through the rear spokes and started cracking the wood to a point where I thought I would damage the wheel or swingarm. It was then I used the electric impact wrench with a 1 1/6" socket. 12 point at that! ( couldn't find a 26mm ). Came off like nothing. The only other time I had to use that wrench was taking the bar ends off of my other bikes.
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