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Originally Posted by Gigitt View Post
1 = already tried - straight line full open reg
2 = already 125 max psi and I have 190lt/min air flow
3 = already used impact socket with 6 point
4 = already locked rear wheel

I will not put it in gear!!!
Just remember your impact torque is going through the chain links, I had it in 4th gear, backed the bike up so tension on the chain, 5 seconds and it was off. If you search this forum, someone used a deep socket between the bottom tooth of the sprocket and the frame to stop the shaft from turning.500 FT LBS doesn't mean it is capable of raising 500 LBS at 1 foot, it has the impact equivalent twisting action only for a few degrees of rotation.The socket will absorb some enregy, so does the chain, a block of wood will also absorb energy.
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