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Originally Posted by twowheels View Post
Still wondering about brand/type of sprockets though. Any differences? Aluminum or steel?
I bought a set that seems quite good from sprocketcenter.com

I chose to go to a 43-tooth rear since I was riding a whole bunch on the interstate. It made a big difference. I am not an aggressive rider and I have quite a bit of fun on my re-geared '08 Versys. It was certainly that my OEM (steel) front sprocket that was the culprit requiring me to replace the whole set. The front was significantly warn at 18,000 miles. The rear sprocket showed no sign of wear. I am only up to just over 21,000 miles now and so I cannot say much about longevity, but it was straightforward to install the chain and sprockets (with an impact wrench on the front sprocket nut) with the tool for riveting the chain.

The set that I received had a steel front (not rubber 'damped'), and alloy rear and a 112-pin DID gold chain. It turns out, if you go to gearingcommander.com, you will find that a 15-tooth front, a 43-tooth rear and a 112-pin chain has the best wear characteristics that you can hope for. The shorter chain makes up somewhat for the smaller rear sprocket (which may make the assembly sit far back in the adjustment range).

You can use gearingcommander.com to tell you about the wear (and other) characteristics of different sprocket/chain combinations.
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