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Originally Posted by jmarcrum View Post
Well... I just looked on Speedy's website and found a "Standard Lowing Kit" and a "WR Lowering Kit." Does anyone know which one I'll need? I have a 2010 model. It says something about ABS ready? How do I tell if mine is ABS ready or not?

Also, ScottyNeal and 767 mentioned a thinner OEM or gel seat. Where can I get one of these? Thank you in advance!

Usually you can tell if you have ABS because there is a sticker on front forks near the bottom or I think your model will be described on your owners documents as e.g. Versys A7f for non ABS and Versys B7f for ABS (where 7 is 2007 for example).
If you don't have ABS then you need standard lowering kit and also a flat foot to attach to your side stand, as you need to cut it (all instructions on motowerks website).

Kawasaki can get you a low gel seat but it will be expensive. Sometimes you can get one on Ebay or through this forum. I have the low gel seat and it looks good as well as lowering seat height!.

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