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Originally Posted by Cormad View Post
This is my first bike (new 2010) and I've been reading about lowering kits. I am 5'4" 160lbs with an inseam around 28". I am wondering if I should have them install a lowering kit or wait until I try the bike for awhile.
I am 5'8" with a 30" inseam 160 lbs and I rode it for about 200 miles before my Speedy's Lowering Kit arrived. I do not think you will enjoy the height without it lowered. You can ride it, but the starts and stops will be on tip toes. Without the lowering of the bike, I could have kept riding, but now it fits me.

Don't forget to lower the front as well as to buy the 2010 flatfoot as well to shorten the kickstand length. If you don't shorten the kickstand, the bike will part too upright for comfort...

Enjoy the new ride!
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