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Originally Posted by marc View Post
there is a high performance shock, maybe a hyperpro, that lowers it an inch. i've done that.
I installed the Hyperpro rear spring and it works great. lowered the bike one inch as they specified. it also softened the ride. You can only lower the front 1.0" by sliding the tubes up because of the taper in the tube. to get more drop in front you would need a spring, Hypro has one. I would be careful you do not lower too much and risk tire (front or rear) hitting bike structure on big bump or dip.

To install rear spring you need to take shock to a suspension or motorcycle shop. (or take the whole bike) it takes a large strong spring compressor to compress that short travel mono spring. units you clamp on at home and turn bolts are not strong enough. I tried. and car spring compressors are too big to fit in between the coils. Also, to get the shock off the bike I had to disconnection the preloader due to the tube routing. (other wise lots of bike disassembly is required) Risk there is loss of fluid and air bubble. I seemed to succeed at losing almost no oil and then bleed it a tiny amount when re-installed and seems ok.

Other option is a Honda CB500X. excellent bike, lower seat, lower center of gravity, 50 lbs. lighter, and plenty zippy to keep up with the Versys. I had one before my Versys and loved it. ABS model is hard to find used though.
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