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Originally Posted by kballowe View Post
You can buy one of these - here. We used to buy them from a forum member here, but I think they are sold only thru adv-gear now.
here's the original thread, if you want to do some reading. it's 10+ pages long.........
New Rear Rack Option

I have one of these racks.......it's great! I also have givi side boxes and with a really simple modification to the givi mounts I made these work together. I like the look of this more than the givi top box mount. This rack is really sturdy. I got the aluminum version and have never had any issues. It's made two trips to Alaska with a (probably overloaded) 35 liter top box and shows no signs of failure.

I happen to live in the same city as the guy that makes these so I got to go to his shop to pick mine up........it's a full on machine shop and they do some impressive work. This isn't some dude making these in his garage......it's a business.
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